Tebow: praying and not praying

Tim Tebow will no doubt experience some verbal persecution for being a Christian in the NFL. We should all experience a type of persecution if we live godly lives (II Tim 3:12)-I say that not flippantly, but wondering where my persecution is besides the cigarette smoke which has finally stopped invading our condo and lungs.

Activity like this, requesting players bow their heads in prayer before taking the Wonderlic test, may result in people disliking Tebow. However I wonder whether or not this is truly persecution, or simply non-Christians angered because they are expected to perform Christian activities.

I wanted to post about this fairly soon after I read the report. But providentially, I was hindered by the start of a presbytery retreat and then saw another report repudiating the incident. From Tebow’s mouth himself. I should have known better.

I think that pretty much proves the point about persecution. Some people will love you, as they did Jesus. Some folks will hate you, as they did Jesus. Even when you show love and respect, and honor others above yourselves, you’ll still “mess up,” even when you don’t truly mess up. Stories of us doing what we didn’t do will eventually surface. When they do, we can relax and entrust ourselves to the God who will one day set the records straight. Remember, persecution is what we “signed” up for.

2 thoughts on “Tebow: praying and not praying

  1. Rebekah,Could have been that! It seems like the player was someone from BYU, but who knows who exactly it was who reported it. What is good is that Mike Florio from profootballtalk.com has much respect for Tebow, though not his Savior. But that could come in time…

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