“Jefe…You do not understand women…..” El Guapo

What better way to introduce the subject of praying for women than El Guapo from Three Amigo’s?

I’ve spent a little time lately trying to develop a practical grid for helping we husbands, and lads in general (this grid should help friends, brothers, fathers as well) pray for their lady-friends.
Amy will come on after me and give us some thoughts on praying for your man-friends. I love that word, if it is one.

Anyhow, the acronym I’m going to try to put to good use is PREHEAT. Now please don’t think I associate women with pre-heating an oven. I’m not a male chauvinist pig comparable to El Guapo (the “handsome one”). I may be 2 out of 3, eating like a pig, but I don’t think I’m a chauvinist.

I simply put down seven areas to correspond to days in the week I wanted to pray for Amy, and the first letters seemed to form this word.

But I think it also is more than a meaningless acronym. Our prayer for our women ought to ultimately be that they “heat” up during the day. That they exhibit the “heat” (feeling/heart) and “light” (knowing truth/head) from God. So in a way, I hope my prayers in the morning would serve as a pre-heating device like turning on the oven. And of course that it would heat up throughout the day.

This is a work in progress. Women and men, please feel free to share and reflect with comments. I’m not trying to get a book deal out of this thing-though I wouldn’t turn one down of course! I’m just trying to come up with an aid which may be helpful to move us all to more specific and regular prayer for the women in our lives.

Tomorrow I shall explore the “P.”

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