The Invention of Lying

I watched a clever movie the other day called The Invention of Lying. The story takes place in a world where everyone only tells the whole truth all of the time. There is no tact or grace in that display of truth, but at least everything you see is what you get. With one exception. One person somehow develops the ability to lie and uses it to his advantage throughout the movie.

The liar, who ironically is the only one who can see the world as it truly is, finds himself fed up with a clearly materialistic-Darwinist worldview. His love interest, Jennifer Garner, looks not for love in a quest to marry, but simply to find a mate (Rob Lowe) who will ensure her the greatest possibility of reproducing good looking kids: in her words passing on the “best genetic code.”

Obviously the main character (Ricky Gervais, from the British series “The Office”), who has a plump face and “flat nose,” can’t deal with life in this world. But he also can’t stand to continue to prophetically perpetuate a Theistic worldview where “the big man in the sky” rewards and punishes people based upon what they have done.

I think the movie shows the ridiculousness of both Darwinist and stereotypical religious/ theistic worldviews. Yet in the end, it exposes the lack of any rationality which would justify rising above the materialistic world where wedding vows include the deep commitment to stay married “as long I feel like.”

A unique and clever movie indeed (it’s nothing like Liar, Liar) and worth the watch. Let me know if you saw things differently or had a different opinion.

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