Finally a need-to-know basis where we need to know

One of the great lines from any movie, especially from a movie that wasn’t THAT good, is The Rock‘s “You are on a need-to-know basis and you don’t need to know.” That’s been a theme for the last year of our lives when we didn’t know how long we would be at our last church, where we’d be going, if we’d be involved in church planting, how we could get Amy covered for insurance with her “pre-existing” pregnancy condition, etc….I kept asking God for answers but He would regularly, though inaudibly, reply with these words.

So we unwillingly learned to live with the uncertainty of not knowing things we didn’t “need-to-know” (though I of course differed with the Lord on this matter!). Today, we have a chance to be invited into a bit of knowledge: finding out whether that “baby in mama’s belly” (as we described him/her to Connar to get him used to someone else entering and re-arranging his universe as he knows it) is a boy or a girl.

We’ve just had so much uncertainty in the last year, and lived a life of complete surprises, that when God does offer a glimpse into what the future may hold, we’re going to jump on it like a 4th quarter fumble. Today we’re thankful God will be letting us in on this one, and tomorrow we’ll be back to uncertainty!

3 thoughts on “Finally a need-to-know basis where we need to know

  1. Rebekah, yep we never really made an official announcement, and I really don't know why. Info seemed to trickle. Every week, someone else seems to find out so I guess maybe we tried to "spread out" the excitement. Sorry about that, b/c we shared the joy of Connar with you. Tomorrow, I'll post the results! Hope you're doing well and getting somewhat of a break for summer.

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