Another reason I hate vampires

My family is enjoying some much appreciated, if not much needed rest and relaxation on vacation down in sunny Florida. But just when we thought we could relax on baby names, a stupid vampire movie had to come out and ruin everything. Last night at the dinner table my brother broke the bad news to me that “Cullen” has now become one of the most popular boy names due to it being the Vampire surname of one of the toothy protagonists.

So with that name most likely gone (I just don’t want “Cullen” to be among a zillion other “Cullen’s”), it’s back to the drawing board. This is unfamiliar territory for Amy and I, since we had Connar picked out before we were even engaged. And let’s just say there’s not been quite the consensus on names this go around.

Well I guess the age old proverb is proved true, “Once you get a great boy name picked out, you always need to first check the box office to see if it will become too popular.” I wonder why “Frodo” never took off with the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

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