Self-evaluation on Sundays

In worship on Sunday, our lead pastor Barret challenged us to evaluate our worship experience in a different manner than we would normally think. Instead of driving home and thinking, “Wow, that was good music or a good sermon…..,” we ought to ask the question: “how did I do in worship?” 
I’m not saying that it is not important to evaluate the sermon, music, flow of liturgy, etc…, for Barret and I do these types of things every Wednesday when we meet. However, because worship isn’t a “spectator sport,” and our true audience is the Tri-une God, it makes just as much sense, if not more, to really evaluate our own hearts. 
Questions like, “Was I engaged with the confession of sin, did my heart resonate with what I was singing, how much did I really cherish Christ when He was preached,” can make a huge difference, particularly when the pastor has an “off” day or the music didn’t sound good. 

With the power of the Holy Spirit, those types of things are much easier, and more necessary to change.

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