Don’t skip the last chapter(s)

As I was preparing for the VBS gospel presentation, I found some great material on sharing the gospel with children in the “Salvation Flight Plan.” I really did. I’m always open to new ways of contextualizing the gospel so that young children can grasp this simply profound (oxy-moron intended) message and power.
But I came across something that I’m probably going to omit: “heaven is our ultimate destination.” Now I wouldn’t be in grave error telling the kids that, but I think that they ought to know an even greater hope. 
When most people read a book, they don’t quit at the last chapter, or turn the movie off, 10 minutes from the end (unless its really bad).
Yet ending with a picture of heaven and not a picture of heaven coming down to earth is basically skipping the last chapter of the last book of the bible. Not only that, but it is skipping the end of the whole gospel story. Revelation 21 pictures a heaven coming down to Earth, fortunately. The goal is a total restoration of the Earth, Sky, and Sea (BP, you can try your best but one day we’ll get your mess cleaned up).
Its kind of funny how the material stresses a Reformed soteriology-going out of its way to stress the need for the Spirit’s work in regeneration-but kind of misses the exciting conclusion and hope of Redemption. A hope in which all of creation, including oil covered pelicans, yearns (Rom 8:22).

Nevertheless, it is still great material and I’m beyond thankful for the one leading our VBS, as well as all of the volunteers required for this worthwhile endeavor.

2 thoughts on “Don’t skip the last chapter(s)

  1. Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the VBS material. It's very sound and I'm thankful for those at Redeemer who took the time to select a good program. Some VBS material can get a little goofy and dumb things down too much, in my opinion.Jeremy

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