Bad Company

You may not have listened to Bad Company before (pictured to the left), but you’ve probably been around it before. Now I’m never quick to play the “Bad company ruins good morals” card (I Corinth 15:33), because more often than not, I think it is often used to protect and perpetuate the Christian ghetto. The reality is that our hearts are deeply sinful and that’s where sin comes from. Nevertheless, ONLY spending time with folks who aren’t Christians can do some serious damage as well. Satan definitely uses unbelievers to hurt Christian character and actions.

Not sure where Michael Vick stands before the Lord-I do know he mentioned something about Jesus after he was busted for dog fighting, but that’s probably fairly common in dog fighting busts. Regardless, Christian or non-Christian, his morals can’t afford to be ruined any further if he wishes to play in the NFL. Fortunately for him, the Feds actually wrote a “bad company” clause into his probation, technically called “supervised release.”According to
At item 10 in the list of conditions of the supervision, the order states that Vick “shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony, unless granted permission by the probation officer to do so.
They’re very aware of this principle. So I’m guessing that probably included his partners from that dog fighting ring, and I love this one, Bad Newz Kennels. Now perhaps he had permission from that probation officer to invite his partners in crime to his 30 year birthday bash at a Virgina Beach night club. Regardless, it might have been good to go by the spirit of the law here, and not invite those guys. Perhaps if they didn’t get invited, one of them wouldn’t have ended up being shot, and Vick might have fewer fingers pointing at him now. Allegedly leaving only left 3 minutes before the shooting, according to video surveillance, does not an alibi make.

Unless you’re a felon, you’ll just have to rely upon conviction and counsel to know if your associates really are causing moral corruption.

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