More Graham’s and fewer Haynesworth’s

Two seasons ago Albert Haynesworth was one the most sought after free agents in the NFL. He played defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans but sensed an opportunity to leave and really get paid. Like nearly 100 million dollars. 
The Tampa Bay Bucs courted this huge beast of a man, but he later decided to sign with the Washington Redskins because Tampa’s fan base wasn’t as good (at least that was one of his stated reasons). However a year into the deal, Washington has to wonder whether or not they really got their money’s worth. First of all, they ended up picking just one slot behind the Bucs in the 2010 draft-which means they were almost as bad.
Now, he’s disgruntled because the team has a new defense, and is asking him to play a different position. He doesn’t want to, and has made that as clear as Pepsi (remember that clear stuff in the 80’s).
Compare him with Earnest Graham for the Tampa Bay Bucs. After playing on the practice for a number of years, he broke out one season as a respectable starting running back. Now due to injuries, contract situations, and a crowded backfield, he’s content to be the Full-back. He’s content to be the one who blocks, the vital position for a good running game, but one which nobody notices. 
I talked with a friend yesterday who will be helping out the church serving by serving in an area of need. Its not his first, second, or third choice, but for a time he’s willing to help the “team.” 
Now I understand that having people serve in places they don’t have a passion/primary gifting for can be harmful down the road. They will burn out eventually. That’s why I ask people to dream about how they might be able to serve, and try to match the two up. 
Nevertheless, that dream cannot trump the church’s immediate needs. The local church benefits when individuals (like my friend and others here at Redeemer) adopt a more Earnest Graham mentality, and lay aside their “dream” for a season to meet the immediate need.
When the Buc’s running backs get hurt this year, Earnest Graham will most likely get his chance. But for this season, he’s willing to serve in areas of need, even before areas he’d desire. What an example.


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