Tiger’s head

While I did not get a chance to watch Tiger’s latest debacle, I did hear about it through ESPN. He played about as well as the Tampa Bay Rays did (losers of 5 straight), shooting 18 over par (one stroke more than the number of times the Rays struck out on Sunday) this weekend. I’m not a golf coach-though I did get a hold of a plastic golf ball in my front yard while hitting with Connar yesterday and it sailed into the neighboring property only to be lost in the “ruff”-but you have to wonder how much of Tiger’s woes are in his head.

I mean this joker is used to being the best golfer in the world. He’s clearly not anymore, and it looks like he knows it. Never having been a Tiger fan, and never will be for that matter, I’m interested to see if-though probably when-he escapes this funk. I’m always amazed at the power of psychology in sports.

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