Dungy vs. Ryan III

This is my last post in this brief blog mini-series. 
Public figures tend to speak about or against other public figures, well, in public. That is never a good idea. For Tony Dungy, he was simply asked a question and candidly responded, according to his convictions. So I do get that. I can also understand how hard it would be to speak privately to public figures, particularly when both are so busy. 
But the good news in this situation is that both busy men were able to speak to each other “man-to-man,” and clear the air. Each apparently unapologetically explained his point of view, and it looks like Dungy may even head out there some time this Fall. 
Christian leaders, theologians, pastors (and all Christians for that matter), can learn from these two coaches. Nothing is better than speaking “man-to-man,” but very often our public examples simply blast each other publicly, like opposing politicians, all in the name of truth. Sometimes they forget love, and the simple application of love: a courtesy phone call. How many churches could be saved from pervasive anger, division, splits, folks leaving by simply talking with each other? Talking doesn’t solve all problems, but you would have to think it would really solve some.

I’m glad these two coaches, who probably still hold fast to their own convictions regarding cussin’-N-coachin’, could at least talk it out.

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