Finding the life you’ve always wanted in retirement

I came across this book the other day when I was searching through I’ve learned over the years that publishers often get the final say when naming books, just as newspapers do when they publish articles from “contributing religion editors” like myself in Bradenton (even though one of my “spiritual gifts” is naming sermons and articles.)
Anyhow, I think the title of this book is quite telling of an American audience that either embraces its career as an idol or considers it non-redeemable: The Joy of Retirement: Finding happiness, Freedom, and the life you always wanted.  How sad a picture of work and life that “the life you always wanted” would really be found upon retiring. I’m thankful for those retired folks like my Grandma who continues to use her retired life to graciously and generously minister to her family, friends, and church family. I’m wondering if this “life we’ve always wanted” means self-autonomy or real love for others. Standard untamed American retirement almost always leans toward the former.

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