Som sex offenders not welcome in the NFL

The NFL has a number of felons in it. My new secondary team, the Cincinnati Bengals, since the Bucs won’t be on TV up here (but they won’t be on TV in the Tampa area either for half of their games anyway!) have boasted their fair share of not-so-law-abiding citizens. Now there is a player conduct policy in place by Commissioner Roger Godell, so that athletes like Ben Rothlesberger rape (allegedly) young ladies but get off through loopholes, they still get suspended. Even if that 6 game suspension will probably go down to 4 games for being nice.
But here is a story of alleged rape, that the victim even recanted, which has this lad unable to break into the NFL. Apparently there is a line that the teams won’t cross and here it is. But I wonder whether this sex offender did anything worse than many other NFL players.

As heinous as this act was, I’m reminded that in Christ we do truly do have a clean slate. While its hard to tell from the article, the athlete may actually get that. Hopefully because probably won’t experience that truth anywhere else.

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