Asking for God’s wisdom: Part III

This is the third part of the Asking for God’s Wisdom trilogy. Of course if I think of some more things to say, I’ll probably just make some “prequels,” and then this would end up being the 6th part, like in Star Wars
Anyway, I’ll proceed to share what I think is the third way we ask for and receive God’s wisdom: listening to other Christians. There are two specific ways I’ve learned to ask and receive God’s wisdom from others.
1.) Listening to sermons or lectures (that sounds academic but can include any topic). We are the most resourced nation in the world when it comes to opportunities to grow in our faith and receive wisdom. Most countries drool over the opportunities that we have, and yet most of us, including myself, don’t take enough advantage of what we have. God does speak through His word, even when His word is preached at another church and you can only access it by the internet.
In addition to other sermons, we have tons of free seminary resources. Here are some free seminary and sermon resources: R.T.S., Covenant Seminary, Tim Keller, Jean Larroux.  If you’re not a reader, then take 30 minutes of car riding time, or mowing the lawn, or just relaxing and learn something new. You’ll be glad you did.
2.) Listening to others. The most under-tapped resource I think Christians often overlook is each other. While I don’t believe that anyone can offer wisdom and say, “Thus says the Lord” (and actually speak with prophetic authority), all of your brothers and sisters in the faith have the Holy Spirit inside them. As a result, they can actually be conduits of wisdom from above to help assist you in everything from developing convictions, to job changes to purchasing a house or a spouse (sorry, it rhymed, though in some places in the world, this is still pretty accurate). Do yourself a favor and seek wisdom from above by asking God and finding wisdom in several mature Christians. 
Sometimes God may not confirm in your heart what you should do in certain situations because He wants to use others. He likes that kind of thing! While others can’t say “Thus says the Lord,” neither can we. Our hearts are deceptive and will often choose what we want, under the guise of wisdom from above. Asking and seeking wisdom from others can help us know the difference between subjectivity and Holy Spirit confirmation.

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