Justin McRoberts and Nine Inch Nails

I’ve been getting some good free music (although I really ought to start tipping the artists) on noisetrade.com There’s a plethora and decent variety of indie, folk, rock, and hymn projects. Some music is distinctly Christian music, some praise, some is simply music by Christians, and at least half is simply secular music. I recently downloaded the Noisemakers Sampler and have been incredibly impressed. It comprises artists like Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Green River Ordinance (a new band I’m high on who have recently toured with Goo Goo Dolls and Switchfoot), and bunch of non-famous ones who are just as good. I highly recommend this sample, which is completely free.
One song on the Noisemakers Sampler sounded strangely familiar. Because it was. It was a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song called “Head like a hole,” by an artist named Justin McRoberts. He has compiled an album of covers appropriately named “Through songs I was first undone.” Now he is blogging here, and explains how someone so sac-religious as Trent Reznor of N.I.N., can still offer a helpful and healthy critique on reality here and here. The abuse of power this lad sings against is the same abuse of political and religious power the Old Testament prophets divinely preached against. McRoberts gives a thoughtful explanation of how this song, written by someone so antagonistic to Jesus, left him “undone” and running to Jesus.
McRoberts takes some of the angst out of his rendition and turns it into more of a lament. Again, you can download the album here. I wasn’t a huge fan of one of his albums, but b/c his Christian thought and art is so deep, I’m going to re-listen to his original songs, as well as look into his newest project.


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