A thought provoking one-sie

For people who love football like myself, there is always a danger of really loving it too much. The same could be said for coaches. The Tennessee Titan’s defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil clearly loved it too much when he flipped the bird to an official who made a bad “roughing the passer” call. There is no word on what type of bird was flipped-and yes there are different types of birds-because it was fuzzed out. It is weird how a “bird” can be fuzzed out, as though it is more inappropriate than TV adds which now regularly show women in bras and underwear. I don’t get that one.

Anyhow, why did this lad flip the bird? He loved football, or more specifically something he gets from football, a lot. The referee’s bad call stood in the way of that “god,” and so the “bird” was let out of its proverbial cage. Not rocket science.

But what about for fans like myself, who may be in danger of loving football too much? My favorite baby gift for Cade (though I’m thankful for all who gave) so far is one I appreciate because it is so simple, yet so profound and challenging. It is a one-sie which says, “My Daddy loves me more than football.” Now we could say, “Of course, we love our kids more than football.”

But that’s not fair to us or those we proclaim to love. Our actions are always representative of a deeper heart belief. They are a window into our real heart idols. If I love Cade more than football, I’ll not neglect playing with Cade, and at times have to press pause and watch the game later or not at all. If I love football more than Cade, I’ll let him see the lingering frustration of a tough loss, even if it is more subtle than flipping a bird, because my lifeline has been cut. If I love Cade more than football, I’ll teach him how it can be a fun hobby which helps connect me with both Christians and non-Christians. If I love football more than Cade, football will be all I talk about or think about during the week.

I’ve never had my thoughts so provoked by a one-sie before. What a gift. While I love Connar’s Bucs bib, and can’t wait for Cade to wear it, I’m going to get that “Daddy loves me more than football” one-sie on during this Bucs season because I think I’ll need that reminder if/when they start losing again.

2 thoughts on “A thought provoking one-sie

  1. Hey, Geoff. What a great and challenging post. I'm reminded of the nights when Colin would say to me, "Dad, do you have to watch baseball tonight?" Uh-oh.I just read another article which references a book you might want to check out:God and Football: Faith and Fanaticism in the SECLooks like a must read.But I have been thinking though this thought. When I have the whole sports vs. kid thing figured out, will I ever get the kid v. God thing taken care of. Idols, as you would often remind us, are everywhere.Thanks for challenging me.

  2. Randy,I wish I could say I was a better example, but that one-sie sure made me think!And you're right though, idols are everywhere. We're going through that tonight in Keller's DVD series. It is money, though I just wish I had asked people to purchase the books that go along with the DVD. They are gold.I just heard about that book, and will probably order it soon!

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