Fixing things and evangelism

I’m often envious of folks who are good at fixing things. Sometimes folks are better at fixing things than myself because that’s just the way their brain works. But for the most part, whenever I ask folks how they learned to fix cars or sinks or do home improvement, the answer is simple: they learned from watching a parent or friend, and just asked a number of questions over the years.
Truth is often “caught” just as much as it is “taught.” In no way am I denigrating formal teaching opportunities like Sunday School, youth group, family devotions. These are huge.
But we also need to be reminded that there are a plethora of teaching opportunities that we encounter throughout the day when it comes to children, youth, and even evangelism.
We learn so much by doing and asking questions.
Here’s a thoughtful article on evangelism which really takes into account this method of teaching someone about Jesus. Instead of simple information transfer, this pastor decided it was most like Jesus to simply say, “Come follow me.” Over time, through witnessing Christian community, and what grace really looks like, this fellow came to faith. There wasn’t a specific date the lad could recall where he got saved. Instead, through both formal and informal teaching, Jesus grabbed a hold of his heart, and he believed and followed.

We learn about fixing sinks this way, why wouldn’t we expect ourselves and others to learn more about Jesus this way?

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