Henderson Halloween in Hurricane

Halloween in Hurricane W.V. runs a bit differently that Halloween in Bradenton, or Halloween in any place for that matter where I’ve lived the past 33 years. Its more of a socialist style. The powers that be regulate WHEN trick-or-treating will take place; this year it was Thursday, Oct 28th from 6-8 pm. Kind of weird, but this Halloween provided a number of great opportunities. 
We had some friends from our old apartment complex come over and share a meal with us. Then afterward Strawberry Shortcake and Batman traversed the neighborhood roads, forgetting all that we taught them about the evils of the street. I got to meet several neighbors, who had otherwise seemed to care very little that we had moved in near them. In addition, we received some more invitations to play with some families in the “younger” neighborhood just below ours (yes, here in hilly WV, neighborhoods are often below or above each other!).

If your conviction keeps you inside for Halloween, then that’s fine with me. But I wanted to share how the Devil’s holiday opened up some future evangelistic and friendship opportunities for the Henderson’s. At least for us, I hardly think Satan was pleased with our evening.

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