Kingdom Costumes: We won’t get fooled again?

One thing about the gospel message-all that God has done/is doing/will do for His people in Christ-is that you never outgrow your need of it. No matter how much you grow in your faith, begin displaying the fruit of the Spirit, see your love for others increase, you always need Jesus’ forgiveness, love, encouragement, and power. 
Here’s a reminder from Paul Tripp, who wrote Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, about how much we still need the gospel because we masquerade in costumes which make others think we are Kingdom centered, yet we really just care about our own kingdoms. Pretty convicting. From mothers who desire obedient children to pastors who look for a spiritually vibrant and growing congregations, none of us have 100% pure motives. They look good from the outside, but we often fool others, and even ourselves. But Jesus isn’t fooled one bit.
Now some might consider this morbid, or defeatist, to think that just about everything we do has tainted motives. Maybe even praying with your kids!
But its not. Knowing your messed-up heart motivations makes you run to Jesus, and bring your dreams and desires to Him. Knowing that you need the gospel, makes you cherish and want the gospel that much more. Someone posted this article on facebook and said that it “stirred the pot.”
I really can’t see why, because I’m beginning to get more of a glimpse of my own heart and need for Jesus. I hope the same for you, and that as a result, you see the Holy Spirit produce more Christ-centered love in your relationships as opposed to self-centered love masquerading as the real deal.

As The Who once sang, my hope is this: “We won’t get fooled again.”

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