Spicing things up during drier times

I’ve heard from several different folks recently about how their devotional time with the Lord has been a little slow. Folks who are in the Word, reading daily or fairly daily, haven’t been experiencing “rich” times they once experienced. 
We’ve all come across periods of time when this is the case. And by the way, these “dry periods” don’t necessarily mean that you’re not walking with the Lord (although of course you can quench the Spirit’s work by continued unrepentant sin). More often than not, this can be a way God is actually growing your faith through His silence. We have to learn to remain faithful to the Lord even when He’s feels silent, and encourage others to do so as well. He’s still there, but sometimes He’s more silent. Some Psalms attest to this fact and call for God not to be silent (Psalm 35). Yet God is at work still, making our faith less dependent upon our experience and more dependent upon His character. Here are a few things that have helped me during such a silent period.
1.) Read some narratives. These narratives in the bible are enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with spending your devotional time reading and enjoying them. We are supposed to enjoy them. The cool thing is that they’re inspired by God and He uses these stories to point us to Christ, the main character of all stories. Take a break and read Genesis, Judges, Kings, the Gospels, Acts, etc…
2.) “Spice up” your devotional life by supplementing some reading in addition to the scriptures. You don’t need to add more time, but feel free to split it up with some good devotional reading and scripture. I’m now going through Ezekiel, but also have benefited from Sinclair Ferguson’s In Christ Alone: Living the gospel centered life. This book is filled with 5-10 minute readings that are more of a systematic theology in small doses.
Amy is now going through John Piper’s A Godward Life to supplement her scripture reading and it has been very helpful. 
Anyhow, here are just a few examples of things that have helped me. Feel free to comment and add some other things which have helped you in the “drier” devotional times.

4 thoughts on “Spicing things up during drier times

  1. Great post, Geoff! I have experienced quite a bit of freedom during devotional times by reading books that lead me to Scripture. Right now I'm using Peacekeeping for Families by Ken Sande and I've had some of the MOST encouraging and convicting times with God. Hope all is well in WVA. We miss you all.Staci

  2. Staci,Ken Sande does some great work. I haven't seen Peacemaking for families, but if you recommend it, then that's good enough for me!Miss you guys too. Life is crazy with two little ones now, but good. Tiresome but good.

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