A prophet and king unwelcome in home town

Jesus coined the phrase “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household (Matthew 13:57).” While he was born in Bethlehem, he grew up in Nazareth. People there had a hard time really getting behind the fact that while Jesus was fully human, he was also fully God (of course this was hard for the first 300 or so years of the church, but they always seemed to have the sense of it being true despite taking some time to agree upon the precise orthodox language). They saw Jesus as Mary and Joseph’s kid, who like all the other kids, did kid things (though not sinfully-I’d love to see what Jesus was like as a youth!), and now was a grown up telling people he was more than just a dude. So Jesus was not respected in his home town as even a prophet, much less a King, even though he did nothing wrong.
It seems a king is also not without honor except in his hometown as well. Lebron James, aka “King James” returned to his hometown-at least in the vicinity of-Cleveland with a similar reception. Except he received boos instead of disbelief. But these were well deserved boos seeing as he did jilt his hometown on national TV via his self-promoting TV special to head to Miami. The city reflected upon James and his actions, and the best way to dishonor this lesser King. Fortunately they stayed within the confines of the law and didn’t need the bail money they had set aside, as some had talked about on Jim Rome’s show.

So prophet and king aren’t welcomed in home towns. I wonder about priests…Where is Priest Holmes now?

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