When women and children shouldn’t go first

In the scriptures there are examples of women stepping up and leading their families and passing on their faith from one generation to the next. One example is Timothy, who’s MiMi and Mama, not Pa-Pa or Da-Da somehow played a role in Timothy’s faith (2 Tim 15). I think there plenty of lads today who have had mothers who spiritually impacted them. I want to emphasize the importance of godly women in the spiritual formation in the church.
With that stated, when father abdicates spiritual responsibility in the house, there is a lasting effect. This article discusses and reflects on a Swiss study on church attendance and the concomitant disastrous result of fathers skipping out on corporate worship. Certainly a thought provoking article on the necessity of men in the church.
The results aren’t pretty, but they are pretty obvious. When Dad is not there worshiping with his kids, his kids very likely won’t be worshiping as adults. If the church in general primarily targets women and children, then soon there may be only women.

I’m very thankful for it and commend it to you. It has me really thinking more on the role of men in children’s ministry at home and at the church.

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