Saturday Night Prayers and Egyptian requests

I used to have a very structured prayer schedule time in the morning, though it’s been harder to keep as my pastoral responsibilities have changed and included more and different people for whom I pray, and for whom I need to pray. So I’m still in the process of discerning a new schedule, which at this point, seems absolutely necessary. 
“The Wifely Prayers” acronym for Amy has helped guide me in the morning, though I have to admit I’m trying to be more intentional with those now as I do forget it more than I like. But the evening time with Amy has run according to that prayer schedule for some time now. So on Saturday nights, we pray for the worship at Redeemer (for us, for members/regular attenders, and non-believers), but also the persecuted church and foreign Christians. 
This can be hard for me sometimes, because I like to have something tangible or specific to pray for. Current events on the news can be helpful, but there is no better source than Christians in these respective countries. 
So this Saturday, I’ll have some more helpful info on how to pray specifically our Egyptian brothers and sisters, and the country in general. 

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