Should Vick have talked with POprah?

Micheal Vick was scheduled to be interviewed by Oprah later this month. But this week he decided to cancel that appearance, reportedly being encouraged to do so by his team the Philadelphia Eagles.
Was this cancellation really a good idea for Vick? Perhaps the other guests, which would have been pro-dog and anti-forgiveness for sure, could have made things quite uncomfortable for Mr. Vick. But it all would depend upon which side Oprah took. If she were to say that Vick needed to continue to atone for his sins, or could never atone for his sins, then that would not be good for Michael. However, if she were to say that he served his time and people need to stop “hating on” him, and pronounce him “forgiven,” he would be in the clear.
Oprah has been called the “high priestess of American spirituality.” I would also call her a sort of pope; she has that kind of power. If she declares you absolved from your sins, you’re good to go. If that was not her decision, then Vick did the right thing and should stay away. 
Unfortunately Oprah (although sometimes she uses her power for communal good) has a sort of a functional papal power. So much so that you could even call her “POprah.” I would at least know who you were talking about.
Fortunately there is one who can declare us absolved from sin, regardless of popular or personal opinion. He has the right to do this not by an assent to power, but by his descent from power to the lowly place of the cross (Phil 2:6-8). Then God the Father raised Him up, so that at His name, everyone should bow and confess He is Lord (2:9-11). No need for any sort of pope, functional or actual. Jesus gets the final vote.

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