A freeman model for fellowship and participation

Finally some good news for the Bucs after reports of DUI’s and alleged shootings. Fortunately for the young Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have found a real leader in baby-faced Josh Freeman. Because of the ludicrous NFL lockout, teams are unable to have true, coach organized activities. However a number of teams, including the Bucs, have still met together regularly to develop their gifts. Normally these spring OTA (organized team activities), mini-camps and the like, are “voluntary” in name only. The players are expected their coaches to be there. But it says something when the players actually want to attend and you have 100% participation. Such was the case with Tampa Bay.
The best “fellowship” (in the sense of “participation” as it is often used in the N.T.) seems occurs organically. When the laity, not the pastor, takes the initiative to gather folks together to serve as one team. You know God has blessed your congregation with good fellowship when folks naturally gather together to serve one another. That’s something that can’t be scheduled or programmed, but only wrought by the Spirit. 
When folks legitimately love one another, and organically and voluntarily meet each others needs, people outside that fellowship will notice. They’ll notice and want to be part of that team. A team that gathers and works together not because it has to, but because it wants to do so.
That’s a healthy team and a healthy church. I imagine that was one thing unbelievers found so attractive about the early church in Acts 2.

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