Chris Paul, forgiveness, and me

If you’re of those who follow the NBA playoff’s, you’ll know that the L.A. Lakers received a very poor Mother’s Day present from the Dallas Mavericks: a near 40 point “beatdown.” Sometimes we need a “villain” to keep things interesting: the Lakers were that “villain” to me: someone to root against. Now, I just don’t care.
While I don’t offer you any suggestions on a team to pull for in the play-off’s, I do offer you a player to pull for in the next NBA season, should they have one. It is very clear that very soon the NBA will head the way of the NFL and players will be locked out. So, provided there is an NBA season, or a shortened season next year, here is a lad whom you will want to root for: Chris Paul.
I knew New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul was a believer; after all, he was on the cover of the Sports Spectrum (a Christian sports magazine). In fact, he was on the cover of the most famous Sports Spectrum volume, the edition containing sports-related devotions by a host of athletes, coaches, and an associate pastor (ME). My name looks a little out of place alongside Indianapolis Colt’s Center Jeff Saturday. So that edition, in the minds of many, will forever link Chris Paul and myself. Chris knows what I’m talking about. Obviously.

Check out this story about Chris Paul, how he honored his grandfather, and offered forgiveness to the teens who brutally murdered him. It will no doubt move you, surprise you, and perhaps challenge you. It did me. You may not be pulling for the Hornets next year, but you will be pulling for him. I promise.

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