Rings and things with Tom Brady

I had breakfast on Monday with a church member and we briefly discussed LeBron’s failed quest for a championship. He pointed me toward this interview on 60 minutes, which I somehow managed to miss.
In it Tom Brady discusses that even with all of his accomplishments (at this time there were 3 Super Bowls) “There has to be more than this.”
The gospel goes far deeper than granting a Christian existential peace: a deep satisfaction at the end of the day that we truly “have found what we’re looking for.” After all, it is the good news that the curse of sin and all its impact has been reversed. But to deny an experiential component to the gospel is to deny what Jesus claims to offer. It is more than simply experiential peace, but not less than it.
The reason the woman at the well had so many men in her life, and her current one wasn’t even her husband, is because she was looking for life in someone other than Jesus (John 4). Jesus claims to be the solution. And the experience of a true satisfying relationship with him is what helps us crush our idols.
At the end of the video, Tom Brady is dumbfounded by the question: so what’s the answer? He considers that maybe some sort of self-discovery could be the answer. The problem with self-discovery is that in the end, the best person you can discover is yourself. Scary thought. Jesus is way better.

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