Sabal Point Kids Club

For several months, I had planned on having a bible club (craft, game, puppets, food, gospel presentation) at a local government subsidized apartment complex called Sable Point. Then two weeks ago I went with another leader to put up some fliers and found that corporate had taken over because some folks had resigned (or that’s what they told me…). The man in charge was not a fan of a “bible club” and asked us to change it to “spiritual club” (sounded too much like an Oprah book club for kids to me) so we secularized the title to “Kids Club.” And then we were told not to bring “religion” into it. However, upon his departure that afternoon, he seemed to indicate that he didn’t want to know what was going on. So with this vague-and open to interpretation-interaction, we continued on as planned. The remaining management didn’t care about our “Kids Club” and told me “good luck!”

As it turned out we had about 15-20 kids each day on Wed-Friday, many of them un-churched, bored, and some hungrier than others. After registering them, gathering them together to sing songs like “Father Abraham” to a “Sargent Peppers” sounding electric guitar, we shared the story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption through puppets and follow up gospel presentation. In between we did crafts like the gospel bracelets and gave them the opportunity to make laminated place mats which described themselves with pictures and included the theme verse James 2:23 “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness and he was called God’s friend.” Finally we fed them pizza, ice cream and hotdogs at the end of the clubs.
Since most of the Kids Club involved youth leadership, with adults there to facilitate, I would say it was a success. Giving youth opportunities to lead is as much part of the discipleship process as youth group or Sunday school. And on the last day, kids were asking, “When are you coming back?” The good thing is that we should have plenty of chance for follow-up with tutoring and showing movies. What seemed like a disaster with a last minute change in management proved to be nothing but a speed bump causing us to cry out to the Lord in prayer. He answered with much more than a “yes,” but with a “Yes and I’ll be there with ya’ll.” 

Tiring few days, but certainly exciting to be involved in what hopes to become a long term partnership. 

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