What your car says about you?

Yesterday I peached a sermon called “Walk Like an Egyptian” on Phil 3:13-21, focusing on what it looks like to walk as an enemy of the cross of Christ, and how we are to walk as Christians: like imperfect citizens of heaven. Since Paul explains in this passage that people’s “walks” display something about what they truly believe (even if they wouldn’t profess something unorthodox about the cross), I chose to intro with a few examples of “what your car says about you.” I only had time for a few, so if you would like to see the ones that “didn’t make the cut,” here they are.
My personal favorite is probably the Lincoln Town Car: “I live for bingo and the potluck suppers.” This list is probably 15 years old, so keep that in mind.

If you want to listen to the sermon, here it is.

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