Another untraditional QB

Yesterday I commented on how I think God has lifted Tebow up, but has done it in such a way as only God can receive the glory-and then Tebow can bask in that. The polarization of Tebow stems partially from his outspoken Christianity.
But some of his larger critics are in fact professing Christians. Former Buc’s QB, Trent Dilfer is certainly one of them. I’m not surprised that “the Dilf” has taken issue with Tebow because he is a fellow brother in the Lord. I’m surprised that “the Dilf” has taken issue with Tebow because “the Dilf” was not a traditional quarterback either. Or at least not a “traditionally” good QB. You don’t typically win a Super Bowl and then get cut by your team soon afterwards if you are a good QB. Yet he did. Then he went on to Seattle, to Cleveland, to San Francisco. Traditionally good QB’s don’t pack their bags that often.
Yet “the Dilf” won a super bowl with the Ravens when his replacement couldn’t win games. The replacement the following year just didn’t work, and they didn’t enjoy the same success as they had with “the Dilf.”
“The Dilf” was far from a traditional QB because he wasn’t asked to win the game. He was told “to manage” the game. That’s it. Don’t lose it, just manage it. He was a “non-traditional” QB, who temporarily was lifted up despite his lack of “traditional” QB skills.
He was lifted up, winning the highest honor a QB can have: a super bowl victory. Yet he couldn’t boast in how well he played because the defense was clearly the ones who would receive the most glory. Lifted up and then humbly cut just months later. 
So that is why its so surprising that “the Dilf” has become such a Tebow “hater.” They are not only brothers in the Lord; they are brothers in the “non-traditional” QB family. 

When we forget that we’ve been lifted up ONLY because of Jesus’ good pleasure (even the good things we do are ultimately produced through His power-Phil 2:11-12), we will not only be prone to arrogance, but prone to disdain the grace and joy of others who’ve been humbly lifted up as well.

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