Why I need CD groups

In our C.D. group (community/discipleship) last week we discussed some “gospel transitions” for how to make the “leap” without making a leap from the normal shared experiences or opinions to the gospel: such as war, politics, family, injustice, etc….These are quite helpful, so I encourage you to check them out here.  
Studying those gospel connections in community allowed all of us to share our own experiences, struggles, fears, failures, and future opportunities that individually we would have missed.
However one of the greatest confirmations for why I and YOU need to be in some sort of regularly gathering group was confirmed to me without any bit of teaching. Amy was home with a sick kid, and I was still lamenting the fact that I would be spending MORE money on my property in FL (little did I know the upcoming expenses for my house in WV just days later!), as well as a few other things.
Then during our prayer time I soon became not only convicted but encouraged. I wasn’t alone. Actually folks had much rougher things going on. A small group is like Vegas, so I don’t share any personal details with those outside the groups. But suffice it to say that I began to hear of other struggles and suddenly I didn’t feel alone. I didn’t feel so frustrated. I felt what was actually true: I’m not a pilgrim on a solo trek, but part of a caravan of struggling pilgrims. 

Even if we didn’t have an encouraging study-which we did-just the mere gathering for prayer in someone’s home made my problems seem much smaller. We all had problems. Some were worse, some the same. But problems shared in the home and fellowship of others are far less daunting than when they never leave your heart or your house.

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