Tim Tebow’s meekness

When one thinks about a Christian athlete, one who works hard and plays tough, he can’t get around Tim Tebow. Clearly this guys is as tough as beef jerky.

However many in the media, besides Skip Bayliss (who is a huge Tebow fan), critique or rather criticize Tebow for his inability to throw a crisp spiral and complete more than 50% of his passes. 

It’s hard to find great examples of meekness in today’s culture, and I’m not willing to nominate myself either. For good reasons. But I think Tim Tebow gives us a more than a picture of strength, but one of meekness. And I think this is helpful, because we usually think of meekness as weakness or timidity. But I really think meekness flows from a poverty of spirit and expresses itself in an unwillingness to defend oneself. Your strength is used to defend others and you simply let God or others defend you. At least that’s the picture I see in Numbers 12 and Matthew’s Beattitudes. 

Yet another media personality and former QB Boomer Essiason-those guys seem to be the greatest of the Tebow haters (remember Bronco’s Hall of Famer John Elway got rid of Tebow)-has spoken out against Tim. I’m OK with people who don’t like Tebow, for any reason. I really am. But it has become almost cliche to pull against this kid. Kind of like the word “interesting” or the expression “It is what it is.” I expect a little originality.

Here is a good display of meekness in action:

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mr. Esiason,” Tebow said, in comments distributed by the team. “I know he was a great player here, and I just wish him nothing but the best in his announcing and God bless him.

No need to defend.

Tebow later goes on to explain that he’s heard all of this stuff before in high school, in college, and now in the NFL. In other words, “I disagree with him, and I have reason to disagree.” But I don’t need to defend myself or attack him; instead I’ll let God make this guy look prophetic or idiotic. He’ll take care of it and He’ll take care of me. 


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