Fall "season-ette" or "mini-season" reflection

Fall just sprung upon us this Saturday. It comes every year, and aside from my neighbor’s leaves falling in my yard-and then their raked leaves ending up in my yard as well- I really do like it. I like the cooling temps, the colors, and the lower power bills. And of course there are other things of which Fall should be commended; Fall, to quote The Doobie Brothers, “Is just alright with me.”

But I do take issue with calling Fall a “season.” I don’t know that this designation is entirely accurate here in West Virginia. I did just read Paul’s instruction to Timothy not to “quarrel about words” (II Tim 2:14) this morning so I won’t be dogmatic about this. But consider my concern. We technically do have four “seasons” here in West Virginia. But this is somewhat misleading because we have a 4 month long winter, almost 4 month long Summer, leaving just 2 months for Spring and Fall each. Do Spring and Summer really deserve the title “season?” I would prefer to call them “season-ettes.” They resemble seasons, but don’t have the duration to really deserve the title of season. 2 Seasons. 2 Seasonettes or “mini-seasons.” We have mini-series on TV. Why not “mini-seasons?”

With that off my chest, let me share a Fall “season-ette/mini-season” reflection:

I don’t like Winter. Primarily because I don’t like the power bills. That’s most of it. That and not being able to wear flip flops. So when Fall is here, winter is just around the corner. I think many other folks wish Fall were afforded more prominence in the seasonal rotation as well. And sometimes that desire can actually keep us from enjoying the season. Yeah, this is nice, but it is so short…..

The same thing goes with seasons of life. Some seasons seem to last longer than others. Sometimes in life, just like in WV, “winters” last much longer than Fall. But can I appreciate those “season-ettes,” those shorter respite periods that I wish would last just a little longer? Like kids behaving (hypothetical for me!), weekends, vacations, dinner’s with spouse, sunsets, periods of general blessing? Can we rejoice in the proverbial “Falls” without dwelling on the harsh winters looming ahead?

In preaching through Ecclesiastes a number of years ago, I found this reminder. Enjoy the temporary blessings, despite any potential or obvious “winter” arrival. Fall is meant to be enjoyed, no matter how long the winter lasts. So bring on the Fall, short though it may be.

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