Two Advent Devotionals

Yesterday I preached on preparation, and how to prepare for Xmas. I neglected to mention anything specific about devotionals, due to the fact that I forget.  So I want to commend a two to you.

Here is one from The Church at Brook Hills church designed for families. Short, scriptural, sweet. I ran out of “s-words.” I’ll take “s-words” for 200 Alex….

Here is one from John Piper called Good News of Great Joy. Also, short, scriptural, and sweet. You can get it as an E-book or as a PDF. I’ve been digging this one.

Do yourself and your loved ones (and even the ones you don’t love or who don’t love you) a favor and take a look a these or other devotionals this Advent season. You’ll be glad you did, and they will too.

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