Forget Paris or wherever you were

Some people like weekend retreats and conferences, and some don’t. I’ve seen more good than bad. The only danger of them is that there is often a unique spiritual high. And when the feeling wears off, folks are tempted to nostalgically long for those intense feelings once again. But it can happen to any Christian who longs for the days of yesteryear when the Buffalo roamed freely throughout the countryside and they ‘felt’ really close to Jesus. Such a longing even to ‘feel’ closer to Jesus is not a bad thing (David described being with God as highest delight-Psalm 84), but to nostalgically, ‘spiritually’ tread water until those feelings come back, actually retards our growth. In the movie Forget Paris, Billy Crystal can’t understand why his relationship with his spouse lacks the excitement it once had. “It’s just not like Paris.” Paris marked the spot where the two first met and sparks immediately flew like mullet being chased by a giant snook. But the sparks were eventually smoldered when the infatuation period came to a close. It was not until Billy Crystal heeded the advice of his lover, “Forget Paris,” that the two could save their marriage. He had to quit nostalgically longing for a past feeling and instead answer the question, “Do I love this person for who she is, or simply how she made me feel?” Such a question is good to ask in relation to any loved one-be it a spouse, friend, child, parent, etc…But it is also an appropriate reminder for Christians, since we are the bride of Christ. I think continually rereading the gospels to remind us of who Jesus was/is/always will be will make us cherish Him for who He is, sustaining us through our spiritual dry spells. This is but one way in which we need to continually cultivate our ‘marriage’ to Christ. Eventually we’ll love Him more, which will consequently bring us more joy, and enable us to “Forget Paris (or wherever it was when you felt so close)”

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