Turbo Tax

I just filled out my tax information with the ever popular turbo tax (I had to file for an extension, but it really wasn’t my fault). But as I printed out the necessary information to mail to the IRS, the 1040 x form informed me that I owed 127 dollars. But the tax calculator in the corner of the screen said a refund of 1,144 dollars.

So I was stressed all afternoon, seeing as I still had (and still have) a sermon to complete before I skip town. So after a few hours of stressing (I was out of the office for a while), I decided to call Turbo Tax and talk to “the man” himself. After only a few minutes of ‘mood’ music, a friendly gentlemen told me that the only form I needed to pay attention to was the 1040. That form stated that my refund was 1,144 dollars. Quite a big ‘point swing’ I would and do say.

Someone just had to explain the truth to me. I was enslaved to a fear of something that simply wasn’t true. How often is this the case. I guess I should trust Turbo Tax next time, or rather God, who through the gospel, has a little better ‘track’ record. Every fear is a faulty fear in Christ.

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