Is It Time for Twins?

I just witnessed an interesting interview on one of the morning shows. There was a 60 year old mother of twins, ecstatic about this time in her life. But the conversation didn’t really center around the newborns as it did around her (I know infants are notoriously bad interviews-that’s not what I was expecting).

The question asked by Meredith Vierra was something to the effect of “Why did you decide to do this?” Her response primarily dealt with one motivation: empowerment for women. She already has a 29 year old daughter, who has publicly voiced her disapproval of her mother’s actions. But this was an action to empower women all over, and we should get used to seeing more things like this. She was sending this ‘positive’ message to her daughter, even though it had presently fallen on deaf or perhaps ear wax filled ears.

Empowerment to do whatever you want despite the consequences or counsel to the contrary. This is the idol Covenant Seminary professor Jerram Barrs believes is most present in our society. I would have to agree.

I find it interesting that two different women can find the same motivation (empowerment despite counsel or consequence) and do two incredibly opposite actions: abortion or giving birth. By the way, I’m not a mysoginist; I struggle with this myself-of course it looks a bit different for me since I’m a dude.

By the way, that man in the picture isn’t the father, but the doctor. The husband was cropped out. Interesting, eh?

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