“Vacation…All I ever wanted
Vacation…Had to get away”- The Go Go’s

About a year ago my wife asked a church visitor, “Are you on vacation?” Her response was a little ditty that went something like this: “Heaven will be my vacation.”

I’m sure heaven will be quite the vacation, but that does not eliminate the need for vacations of some sort now. Even in the OT, Israel was supposed to give the land a break (literally a Sabbath-Lev 26:34). Jeremiah prophesied that the people wouldn’t return to the land after exile in 586 BC until the land had enjoyed its Sabbaths (II Chronicles 36:21). If the land itself needs a break, then I could argue that people ‘working the land’ (and that involves our vocations) would need it even more. Vacations, provided we have the time and money to take them, are wise investments.

3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Bentz,I thought that you would appreciate the Go Go’s. Glad that you got away and that you were refreshed. I’m currently enjoying mine and am only posting blogs because I like to do so. It’s not work! Peace. War the D-Rays sweeping the Tigers.

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