I was visiting my father-in-law’s church this Memorial Day weekend, and was blessed by the sacrament of baptism (although it looked a little different than presented in this picture! ). If you happen to be presbyterian, then you embrace the covenantal nature of baptism. The child is entering into a covenant with God, and is now a member of His covenantal community: the church (of course he/she needs to express faith to enjoy all the rights of membership). But one thing often overlooked in baptism is the community’s responsibility to that child. We actually VOW (I know vows don’t mean much to most folks-but they should) to assist the parents in raising the child (that’s why we don’t have god-parents in Presbyterian circles). But how often do most of us abdicate any responsibility in nurturing that child? Volunteering for nursery, teaching Sunday School, assisting in youth ministry, mentoring, developing relationships with child and family, are all part of our covenantal responsibility. The question is how are we actually participating in, and living out what we say we believe, and have vowed to do?

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