From one catfish to another

I saw this rather disgusting, picture of a catfish trying to eat a bastketball. Yes, a basketball. Apparently this catfish saw a delicious looking basketball floating on the surface (where most things float, I guess) and went in for a bite, or rather a gulp. The ball got lodged in the catfish’s mouth, and it was bobbing on the surface for a long time before rescue.

A compassionate husband and wife team drove their boat to the hapless fish, and eventually had to flatten the ball with a knife in order to remove it. This proves once and for all that catfish will eat anything-which is one reason why I don’t eat catfish (I know I’m being hypocritical because I like bacon-but at least I beat you to it).

I got to thinking after looking at the picture. I noticed an uncanny resemblance between people and catfish. Hear me out (or rather read me out) on this one. As needy and hungry people-and we all are-we have a tendency to fill our faces and hearts with anything that looks good. I’m assuming that basketball looked ‘good’ at the time, but in the end had the capability of destroying this ‘beautiful(I’m sure to some folks)’ creature. Likewise we often chase after things which look good, but are really quite harmful.

And sometimes its not until we really get stuck that we realize just how bad and destructive some things can be. So when someone else finds you ‘bobbing’ after you’ve filled your heart with something harmful, let them help you remove it. So when they break out the knife to help YOU break free, let them help you. And it never hurts to listen to others BEFORE we swallow basketballs as well. Just some words best spoken from one catfish to another.

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