A pubescent yard

I just had the ‘joy’ of mowing my yard yesterday. I can’t say ‘grass’ because my yard really consists of clumps of bahia grass here and there, along with weeds, clovers, leaves, and some fallen tree branches. I compare my yard to the face of a young high schooler.

It’s kind of cool when you first start to shave, much like it is cool when you first buy and use a mower in your very own yard (as much as paying a mortgage is ‘owning’ of course). But then after a while it starts to get old, much like mowing the grass.

And what makes it harder is that when you’re a young lad, facial hair doesn’t grow evenly. Often it comes in very patchy, much like grass on my yard. Some yards can grow for a while, just like some faces; in the end, you get a beard-and it makes you look older, suave, genteel, perhaps even sophisticated. My yard will never get a ‘beard,’ or look genteel. In fact, the best I hope for is some sort of pubescent, early teen, fuzzy mustache.

Because tall patchy grass looks a lot worse than evenly distributed tall grass, sometimes I wish it would never grow. But then would it cease to be a yard? Just some random, although cohesive I believe, thoughts on mowing the grass and shaving.

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