June 11th-The First Day of Work

Great News. I used Steven’s camera and Johnny’s camera USB cord to connect to my computer, so here are some pics. We spent a lot of the time doing demolition of the inside of a house, cleaning debris, and fully insulating the house. It happened to belong to a Favre, but no relation to the interception prone quarterback that the Bucs usually eat for breakfast Brett Favre.

We started at 8 this morning and ended around 4:15 or so. Thanks for your prayers. We got a ton of stuff done, and tomorrow we will commence dry-walling. We only did one piece today.

Pray for our safety, physical stamina, skill, patience with each other, and if time-Sam’s cell phone to work! Thanks again! Peace.

Quotes of the day:

“My mom said my IQ was 20/20.”- Johnny Weichel

“What’s 37 + 38? 39?” – Micheal Bouwer

“I don’t know what they call this hear, but in Florida its called a Violation of Child Labor
Laws.-Jessica Terry

“There’s something about sandwiches that’s just Oh so scrumptuous!”-Jessica Terry

2 thoughts on “June 11th-The First Day of Work

  1. I am not a techno whiz – so I hope this gets posted to the right address. Love the ‘pics’, how about a few more ‘faces’ tho – could only make out Jerusha.Loved the quotes too. Miss ya all.Love and Prayers.Renee

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