Tuesday , June 12th

Tuesday, Work Day 2

Today is Tuesday, a great day for work. We put up some lovely sheet rock, and tore down some unlovely sheet rock. Jerusha, Johnny, Courtney, Sam, Hannah were part of the demolition squad. They left a huge wake of destruction in their paths, which was quickly hauled out to the corner.

In addition to putting up the sheet rock, the ladies laid some delicious mud on the dry wall, covering the disgusting nails. They also taped like it was nobody’s business. And it really wasn’t.

This morning Johnny got a chance to pray with a lady who was deeply upset about her housing situation. She was very happy to pray with someone, and to know that someone cared enough. She said, “Jesus Christ, thank you so much for this kid!”

Heads bumped a bit, sparks flew (so I’m told-I witnessed no sparks), but God’s grace prevailed.
We were visited by some trusty interns who showed us the way to more effective mud and tape dry wall. The girls thanked God for sending them.

Dave Bouwer’s constrcution prowess has shined. He’s been leading a good ship. It’s been getting rather warm lately, so please keep praying for strength. Thanks again. Talk to you tomorrow. More camera trouble now, so hope to post some more pics next time. Peace.

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