Thursday, Workday 4: Patience and Grace

Today was really a great day. We got a ton of stuff done, having gone through 21 sheets of dry wall. That’s a lot, it really is. The Lagniappe staff can’t keep up with us, and they act surprised everyday when I request more.

More than that, its quality. The interns overseeing the project spend very little time at our house. They just stop by, give us a popsicle, and tell us everything looks really good. One group had to redo all of their mudding and taping, but we’ve been doing it so well. That’s a praise to God who grants wisdom and skill and all kinds of knowledge. Daniel once said the same thing about his dream interpreting ability. But this is no less amazing.

The kids are getting some skills down and doing quite well. The adults aren’t half bad either.
I hope you can tell how much work is getting done through the posted pictures.

Some of the pics are from our trip to New Orleans last night. We saw the mighty Mississippi. It couldn’t have been muddier.

Keep praying. One more day of work, and then the drive home Saturday. Peace.

Quotes of the Day:

  • “These lights of (New Orleans) are nice but they don’t have the WOW of Las Vegas.”- Micheal Bouwer
  • “These containers smell like Tad Poles.” -Jessica Terry

One thought on “Thursday, Workday 4: Patience and Grace

  1. WOW! It’s awesome to see that room with no drywall and then another picture with it looking – well – like a real room, and done. You guys have done a great job. Praying for you all. Nice picture too – the crew from Manatee County in front of the manatee. Miss ya lots,Renee

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