Wed; Work day 3- Screwing Around

Wed, June 13th, Workday 3

The day was originally supposed to be a half day of work, ending at 2 pm (although that really wouldn’t be half). However we did end a little earlier today, at 3 pm. Today was a day of screwing around (literally). We put up a ton of screws. In addition, more dry wall was added and mud after that, and tape after that. And then some more dry wall mud.

We finally got to meet the family today, and that was a blast. They couldn’t be nicer. Really, they couldn’t.

The team is looking forward to dinner in New Orleans, as we’ll be leaving the compound shortly. Please pray for grace and patience. Grace is slow to be given and patience only shows up every so often when you get really tired. And we are tired. And our reward that we’re all looking forward to when we get back from New Orleans is this: bathroom duty!

The guys will be short handed, so we ought be up for a bit tonight. So, keep praying the 3 fold prayer mentioned on the Tuesday blog. And for the part about US, please pray for grace and patience with each other. That’s one way we ‘resist the devil (James 4:7).’ Peace.

One thought on “Wed; Work day 3- Screwing Around

  1. GeoffWe rejoice that your work is going well, but that you’re also having some connection with the people benefiting from your labors.I pray for more communication between ya’ll and the folks at Bay St Louis who you are rebuilding for, espec that some gospel seeds be plantedPress on, Alden

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