A Positive Picture

Many people have a bad picture of the church. They see TV preachers asking for money, saying “Go to the phones!” or see Pat Robertson representing the Christian voice in politics. However in the Mississippi gulf coast area, there is currently a more positive picture of the church.

The government as entirely pulled out of the reconstruction effort. Entirely. The only people coming and leading the effort to help rebuild the area are churches. The people there are so thankful that the churches haven’t forgotten.

The church in America has fallen short in many areas over the years, but they have been ‘on the ball’ this time. And Christ is being honored. In other centuries, the church has been quick to dispense mercy. They used to take in babies bound for the dung heap (Romans weren’t very nice to unwanted babies) and they were the ones who took care of folks (and died trying) during the European plagues. It was the Church, not the government.

So Katrina relief is just following a pattern laid down by brothers/sisters of previous generations. And Christ is getting glory down in Mississippi. And that’s pretty dang cool, eh?

2 thoughts on “A Positive Picture

  1. Geoff,Thanks for the post. That’s so awesome to see the church in action near her own front door. Taking care of the homeless and not forgetting about the forgotten. This is a great opportunity for the church, and through it, God will bring forth fruit to His glory.

  2. Tom,Your welcome bro. Its a cool thing to see Christ’s church in action, and for even those outside it to recognize it. There have been several folks who even came to faith through Lagniappe’s short presence there so far. One was the pastor’s sister!

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