Debriefing Thoughts

I’ll admit, I’m on a ‘missions’ fix right now, with all posts being related to missions. Well, this may be it, for the time. Below I’ve posted an article I wrote for the Bradenton Herald before I left. Since the circulation doesn’t get past Bradenton, I’m posting a link here to direct you to the article should you want to read it (I’m not going to be presumptuous and presume). Of course they changed my title again, but this time the title is ‘doable,’ and doesn’t take away from the well crafted article. There is a mistake with the website listed for the church; the correct link is

Anyhow, the trip was a blast, further proving the point that we find more joy by laying down our lives. Someone on staff at the mission church told me that, “You’ll never work so hard, be so tired, but have more fun in your life. ” In that one week, I could agree with him and the articl I wrote on an existential level. That’s always a plus.

Article in Herald

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