Fan Fair

Today I was listening to the Ron and Ian Show while driving home from meeting someone. The station (620 AM) that encouraged me to check out the internet babe’s on their website actually brought something of substance just minutes later. Good substance.

One caller complained of how bad Red Sox fans are: making fun of Devil Ray’s hair do’s and making it hard for their broadcast people to do interviews (apparently even the little one’s shoot birds). He said that when the Red Sox come into town, they better watch it.

There are two things questionable about this proposition. First of all, when the Red Sox play the D-Ray’s at Tropicana Field, the stadium houses at least 3 times more Red Sox fans. This creates all kinds of ‘match-up’ problems for retaliating D-Ray’s fans. D-Ray’s fans are not like the 300 (or whatever number they had) Spartans at Thermopoli.

But surprisingly Ian Beckles responded in a very biblical manner, questioning the 2nd problem with this statement, and neglecting to point fingers at other fans. If you claim other team’s fans are so evil and bad, and you threaten to do back to them what they do to you (more or less), then you’re no different. Ian said, when they yell stuff, “Just look the other way.”

Simple truth, hard to apply, but very Christlike: “When he reviled, he did not revile in return”
-I Peter 2:23. Sometimes non Christians can really challenge us. I wouldn’t have condoned responding maliciously to Red Sox fans, but I surely would have joined in some Red Sox fan bashing before responding the way Ian did.

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