Forgetful Justice

I mentioned in my sermon last week how much my wife and I love 48 Hours Mystery shows. The only problem with them is the fact that you really never know for sure (except one time when the dude admitted brutally killing his love rival for a slap-on-the-wrist-five-year-plea-deal) if the people are guilty.

Well, Amy and I DVR’d a Dateline special on Mary Winkler, the minister’s wife who somehow shot her husband in the back. But this time, there was no doubt of her guilt. The only question was what degree of murder or manslaughter was it.

She claimed that she didn’t remember doing it. Convenient memory. She didn’t know why she was aiming a loaded shotgun at her husband, even though she remembers getting literally kicked out of bed moments earlier.

I guess if you forget that you killed someone, even if you confess to the murder, and have the shotgun in your ‘get-away’ mini-van, you have the chance of serving just over a year in prison.
Not the finest performance by a jury. Fortunately we can actually trust our Judge.

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