Without saying a word

I can remember some time last year encouraging Amy to read more, or really at all. Recently that has paid off, for me, as much as for her. I purchase several books from Amazon every 3-4 months or so, and recently I purchased some books by Mark Driscoll. He’s the “cussing pastor” of Blue Like Jazz.

Anyhow, before I have even finished Ordering Your Private World (which she already started and finished before me while I was out of town on the mission trip), she has been digging into ‘my’ books before I even have a chance to tell her about them! And she’s reading it alongside an Edith Schaefer book as well.

Long story short, it took my wife to get me back into the discipline of reading again. And while I’m not moving along as quickly as I’d like, fortunately I can count on her example challenging me. It shows the blessing of having someone (not necessarily a spouse-though you do get double word score) in your life who can challenge you sometimes without saying a word, but rather reading one.

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